Victor’s Artwork

I have a friend named Victor, and today I’m going to show you his artwork which I found very interesting and would like to share it with everyone. He is a kind hearted person with a unique personality comes with a six-pack body. Oh my, every girl will scream over that kind of physical and sexy look.

So lets us jump into his artwork. First of all, I am very impressed, excited and enthusiastic about his artwork. The details, the imagination that he put on his artwork were very astounded. I am astonished by his artwork. The interpretation of his artwork for me is like there is a lot of gothic feeling on it. Take a look at some of the artwork, the way he draws the demon look so real and scary. It reminds me of “necromorphs” (a mutated corpse) from the horror sci-fi game Dead Space. Oh man, seems like he been through hell before! This artwork can adapt into a movie or even a video game and some more he can also design a dress. What do you guys think about the dress? It’s, isn’t it? Pretty in its own way.

I like the drawing of a woman with green wings too. For me, she is like a protector of the forest. An angel that is roaming freely in the wild while protecting the animals, trees mountain and anything that related to it. A selfless character and yet right in somewhere. That’s how I see the artwork through my imagination. So the rest I will leave it to you guys to comment. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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