Velarium of the Underworld

Hello Steemians. Greetings to all.

Today I’m going to share one of my artwork. I called it the Velarium of the Underworld. This artwork was inspired by the tribal and Samoa kind of drawing but in my own style of course. This is the way how I cope, deal and releasing my stress too by drawing. Whenever I was in the state of feeling on the edge or feeling down, I will start to draw this kind of art and lashing it out on the paper. The anger… Grgrrr… Pretty much my art is usually on the negative phrase, bad, dark, disappointed, angry, frustrated and inconsistent side. Darkside of the world they call it, devil and angel.

The meaning of the art for me is like a flower that blooms in the underworld. In my imagination, those flowers will have a flesh shape of petals, build up with human veins on the surface of each petal. The edge of each petal will grow very sharp nails that ready to tear off their prey before devouring them. The main attraction of this flower was its dark glowing ball that floating on top of its flower.

I hope you guys enjoy it the artwork, since this is a pen drawing and colouring, therefore, I use a phone to capture it.

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