Some say art is the strongest form of magic. Do you agree with that? Well, let’s have a look at my artwork. I named this artwork Veins because it’s simple and look like a human vein, but this one is special. It has a dark and gloomy inspiration, which is my things. Always like it because I enjoy night time over the daytime. I don’t like the crowd, hectic, hot environment.

Night time I can be a vampire hunter for blood. Hehe just Joking. It just peaceful at night, that’s what I like. For me to create art, it takes time. I can’t do it overnight. Art is magical to me. It represents how we feel, how we translate those feeling and things that we see into a painting. My art is dark, black and something that is way beyond than usual. What do you think about this artwork? I know it may not be a masterpiece but hopefully one day it will. I will post more in the future about my artwork.

So here are some explanations of it. The circle represent out thought and reality, and every circle has its meaning. It is not sunshine. It represents my emotion when I’m creating it. Emotion where I am feeling down. And express it through art. I guess you guys and figure it out those emotions when we are down and hopeless. The veins represent our life. Life is full of surprises and wonder. So it doesn’t have a fine line. In a moment we are happy, suddenly sad or grieving the loss of someone we love. Life is never easy.

Ever heard of the song by Papa Roach? It’s call lifeline. I like that song. So to be merely the meaning of the art is similar to that song. So what do you think guys? Would love to hear feedback from you all.

Xoxo. See you all in my next post.

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