The Knight of Cups

Today I’m going to share the meaning of The Knight of Cups card in the tarot deck. This is the best card in the suits of Cups. Why? Let’s dive in the interpretation of the card.

These are the keywords of the card. – romantic, looking for love, emotional intensity, true love, love intentions, a trustworthy partner, romantic proposal, dating, affection, charm, caring, prince charming and the knight in the shining armour.

For me, this card is like a knight with a quest. A knight that knowing where they are and where they want to go. They have a dream to chase. It can represent proposals, offer, a good news and an invitation coming all the way. The kind of offers and news that we hope to receive. If you are single, this card can indicate that you are about to be swept off your feet. New love is just around the corner. You have a secret admirer. If you are in a relationship, it signifies that a marriage and children are around the corner. And if you are interested in someone, now is the time to take action!

This card is mostly positive, it signifies moving forward in a way that beneficial to our overall happiness and emotional health. It also represented a change in your life, though each suit sees these changes from a different angle. The cups suit relates to our emotions, meaning that The Knight of Cups represents our emotional pursuits. It also tells us to chase our dreams and pursue our passions. Trust our intuition when life presents us with the life-changing choice.

Overall it is a nice card to have in a Tarot reading. A very positive card. Will dive deeply soon about the reversed card meaning of this tarot card. Stay tuned!

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