Tarot: The Personality Card

Hey peeps, my personality card from the Tarot card is The Lovers. So how to get your personality card? Here is the trick. Work out the sum of the digits of your birth date, example 13 October 1923, which yields 1+3+1+0+1+9+2+3 = 20. Of the sum lies between 1-21, then the Major Card of the deck which has the same number is the respective personality card. (the major cards are the one with both a number and a subtitle) for instance, if the sum is 20, then the respective personality card is the numeral XX – Judgement.

If the sum is 22, then the personality card is the 22nd Major card. The Fool with the figure 0. However, if the sum is 23 or higher, you have to work out the sum of the digits of the original sum. For example, the digits would be added to make 7+6 = 12. The major card with the equivalent numeral is the personality card, in this case, XII – The Hanged Man.

The Lovers card resonate a lot about my personality. Passion is the main meaning of The Lovers Tarot card. The keyword of this card is an attraction, choices, good decisions, proof, soulmate, union and relationship.

On the positive side, it means true love, good physical relationships, passionate feelings, good choices made and the end of troubles. In a negative way. It means affairs and infidelity, attraction only to physical, temptation, bad choices made and passions turned into obsessions. So I’m going to dig a little bit deeper in my next post, so what’s your personality tarot card?

Does it resonate with you?

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