Tarot reading for the broken heart

Just a quick reading and a messenger that I did purposely for the broken-hearted people. The first card we have the Page of Swords in Reversed, the second card was the Star card. And lastly, we have the Four of Pentacles in Reversed.

1) Page of Swords in Reversed. I feel like you have been dealing with a toxic Ex. Boyfriend or a girlfriend. This tarot card saying that this person is all about words but no action being taken. He always saying words that hurt your feeling without thinking of the consequences and he is not a trustworthy person either, can say that he is a clever person with a sharp mind but he is using it for deception and manipulation. In this scenario, he is shifting his feeling from hot then cold towards you. Which keep you hanging and wondering what’s wrong with him. He wants to take charge over you and make you feel like you have to do all the pleasing for him and the same thing goes to the third party if there is any. So you guys competing for each other for the sake of wanting him. But actually, he is just playing his mind game for his own benefit. A player to be exact. After the break-off, he spies on you, spreading the rumour about you and even gossip to intentionally causing trouble to you.

2) The Star card. After the heartache, you are in the state of healing yourself. A healing process after the bread off. This cards telling you that you need to heal your wound, take your time before starting your conquest of love again. The worst is over. The universe is in your favour this time around, it promises you that your wish will come true. Don’t give up, don’t hold on to someone that doesn’t serve your purpose anymore. Remember that, there is always a “hope” to hold on too. With the Star card, you will eventually get what you want and the future look promising in a positive way. If you are looking for your soulmate, I think he is just around the corner.

3) Four of Pentacles in reversed. With this card, you are no longer hold on your feeling for your ex and you are ready to move on. You gain back your confidence you are ready to go out there and meeting new people. It can also indicate that you are moving forward in a positive way.

Overall it’s a positive reading. I hope you guys enjoy it. Can’t wait to do more reading soon!

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