Sleeping Time and Thoughts

It’s been a very exhausting day for me today. Now I am laying on my bed and hugging my younger sisters’ Hello Kitty doll. It feels so comfortable, the furry cotton and the spongy feel.. Making me lazy and sleepy. She used to get angry whenever I take her stuff. But I just can’t resist.. The temptation of hugging something. Hehe, guess that’s the outcome for being single. Sometimes we have the urge to feel the warm body of our other significant. But things are turning around the other way when we are still single. Maybe I should grab random people in the future, but it just doesn’t feel right for me to be in a one night stand or non-commitment environment to do such things. I’m kinda guarded and won’t open up quickly. Guess you all have the same situation as mine too.

Finding a soulmate is not a simple thing. Time and effort are needed to accomplish this goal. Tolerance, trust, loyal and accepting one and another are the essential keys too. And being real right? Nowadays base on my experience, I have seen a lot of manipulative, narcissist and psychopath people along the way. I don’t like it. I hate it. It’s very draining for me to deal with their bullshit. Nothing is real.. It’s challenging for me to accept them once I smell something not right.

So every time we have a potential partner, it’s ok to keep them in the friend zone before deciding to take the next step. In the friend zone, we get to observe and ask ourselves whether that the person is compatible with us or not. What can they offer when we are in the relationship. I know it’s complicated, but less we can do to be cautious. Always put ourselves first before them and make sure they love us more than we do. Self-assured. Prevention is better than cure.

Lastly, before I sleep, we are not always right, and we are not wrong either.. Is just that we are different from one and another. Either we accept or don’t it’s up to us. But make sure we make the right decision.

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