Shisa with wood as a base, the craftsmanship is good

What is the Shisa?
It is a traditional Ryukyuan cultural artifact and decoration derived from Chinese guardian lions.

I just received the souvenir from Okinawa, Japan. My sister’s brought it for me when she visited Okinawa. Shisa is known as the Guardian Lions of Okinawa. It is also believed to keep evil spirit out and to keep the good spirit in. This Shisa was originally used as guardians to residences and shrines.

There were two Shisa – one with its mouth open to ward off evil spirits, and the other with its mouth closed to keep the good spirits in. They often appear as a pair with left shisa closed mouth and right shisa with an open mouth. The origin of Shisa was from China and it was brought to Okinawa from China in the 14th century.

Shisa to hang in front of the door or any place that can hang.

According to the Okinawan mythology, Shisa resembles a crossover between a lion and a dog. Sometimes also classified as gargoyle beasts. Here I have 3 Shisa. Two were a pair and 1 is for hanging on the front door or any other suitable places to be displayed or hang.

I guess it is a perfect tool for me to harness the good energy and good spirit for my tarot’s deck too apart from using crystal stone. A blend of fusion concept. When east meets west! I just love this kind of things plus it is very Kawaii!

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