Omamori is Japanese amulets, and it is a lucky charm, or we called it a talisman. I get this one from my best friend as a present. She brought it from Tokyo when she went to travel. This omamori commonly sold at the Shinto Shrines and Buddhist temples. However, you can almost find it everywhere selling it apart from the shrine and temple. Omamori is selling in the souvenir store, and you can buy it at the vending machine. Japan modern and even a Talisman can sell via the vending machine. There are two major areas in the shrines which are Naien and Gaien. Naien is the centre of the shrine building and includes a treasure museum that houses articles of the Emperor and Empress. Gaien is the outer which include the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery that houses a collection of 80 murals.

My friend brought it from the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. It is located in the Shibuya, is the [Shinto Shrine]( that is dedicated to worship the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife [(Empress Dowager Shōken)](ōken), but the shrine does not have the emperor’s grave. It is located in a forest that covers an area of 170 acres, consists of 120,000.00 trees of 365 different species and you know what surprised me? The trees were donated by the people from all parts of Japan when they build the shrines.

There are lots of a different kind of Omamori for all type of occasions and purposes. Examples of charms are for good health, safety, education, romance, avoidance of evil, good fortune, love, prosperity and so on. The Omamori that I have are for health and peace of mind. This omamori are meant to keep inside your wallet, purse, handbag, hand on your home wall, pocket or any places that suited the omamori purpose. Anyway, I am very interested in this kind of stuff. Something to do with magic, spiritual stuff and even tarot. Now I am learning about the tarot deck, so hopefully, soon I can post some tarot reading too. Perhaps in the future, I can help you do your tarot reading.

So what do you think about Omamori? Pretty interesting right. It is a cute design and can view it as a decorative. I love the Japanese concept because you cannot find any of Japanese concept in any other country, very creative and cute.

See you guys soon.

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