Mobile Legends New Hero: Kimmy Splat Queen (Marksman/Mage)

Do you play Mobile Legends? Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game designed for mobile phones. The game was developed by Shanghai Moonton Technology. Mobile Legends is introducing another new hero on the 23rd of October 2018 which is a week from now, so excited! So this time the new hero’s role will be a Marksman/Mage. Currently, in Mobile Legends, there are 13 Marksmen in 4 categories which are Marksmen, Marksman/Assassin, Fighter/Marksman and Marksman/Mage.

The new hero name is Kimmy, the full name is Kimberly. She is the first hero to be Marksman/Mage. This new hero is not the normal hero that you’re using in the game, because it has a unique mechanic of attacking. It doesn’t use an attack button but uses a Joystick that can be held down and aimed to allow her to attack continuously. She can move and attack at the same time, it is the 2nd hero that Mobile Legends make possible to do that. The abilities of this hero are Chemist’s Instinct, Energy Transformation, Chemical Refinement & Maximum Charge. She is also the only uses 2 Mana sources. Each of this abilities makes her unique and different from the rest of hero.

I’m not sure whether I would like to use this hero to play because Moonton made this hero a little bit different than the rest of the heroes and it is the first hero that you must use two joysticks! To be frank, I think this hero is kinda challenging for us to master because come on it is two joysticks. Again Mobile Legend did a good job! I’m looking forward to trying this hero.

Here is the video about the new hero, Kimmy – Splat Queen. Hope you guys enjoy.

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