Luncheon Meat with Choy Sum (Chinese Flowering Cabbage) Recipe

Hello, again Steemians. Today I’m having a simple lunch and I would like to share it with everyone because everyone can cook it. I called it Luncheon meat cooked with Choy Sum. As usual, I will include the photo of the process on how I make it so it will be easier for you guys to follow the step by step of how to prepare & cook.

Let start with the ingredients first.

– A can of Luncheon Meat (Pork or Chicken)
– 1KG of organic Choy Sum (I like the organic vegetable because it is free from chemical substances)
– 2 cloves of Garlic
– Ground White Pepper
– 80ml of Cooking Oil


First, open up the luncheon meat then cut it into cubes size so it is easy to bite. Then chop the garlic into any size you like. After that, wash the Choy sum thoroughly, rinse the choy sum.

Let heat up the wok, put the 80ml of cooking oil and wait for it to heat. Now take the cube luncheon meat and put it into the frying wok.

Followed by the chopped garlic and start frying. Make sure that your fire turns to medium. I do not add any salt because the luncheon meat itself is salty enough.

Lastly, put in the 1KG of choy sum into the wok and then add some ground white pepper to enhance its taste.

Finally, it’s done. Do not overcook the vegetable or else the taste won’t be as good as it’s should be. There you go a simple and delicious Luncheon Meat with Choy Sum. It is easy, simple, quick and delicious. Prepare and cook in 15 minutes. You can enjoy the dish with steam white rice.

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