How to eliminate the bad energy on your tarot cards?

Here I would like to share some of my tips on how to eliminate the bad energy on your tarot cards. We all know that when we start playing the tarot cards, we are eventually inviting the spirit to play along with us. Through the spirit, we get the guidance, the insight of our question that will be answered by the tarot cards through the relation between the tarot cards and the spirit. We never know what kind of spirit that we are inviting. Sometimes, it is a good spirit and sometimes it is the other way around. I notice that after doing a few reading, the tarot cards will kind of mess up and doesn’t work well. The reading will not so accurate. Feels like the mana has drained out. And it needs recharge again or just going to use another deck.

So I did some research on the internet and it came out very astonishing for me. Apparently, the bad energy has manifested my tarot cards, and the solution is simple. Place a crystal on the top of the deck while you are not using it, it will clear the bad energies or any confused energies too. If you don’t have a crystal, the salt will work well too. Surround your tarot deck with a few pinches of salt while you are not using it. But for me, I place the salt in a jar and put it beside my tarot deck. Lastly, the sage burning ritual is a good method for cleansing tarot deck too. Just light it up, smudge it. Done. As simple as that.

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