Homemade Recipe Fried Chicken Wings

Today, I’m creating my own style of fried chicken wings. It is easy to make, simple and delicious too. The ingredients are simple and you can get it anywhere in the convenience store, supermarket, local market.

Let’s jump into the recipe. These are the ingredient you need to prepare


1 teaspoon salts
2 teaspoon peppers
1 teaspoon chicken stock
2 teaspoon curry powder
6 cloves of garlic

1 pack of Kentucky all-purpose seasoned flour
1 egg
300 ml of frying oil

1 KG of fresh chicken wings

First, you need to chop the garlic into a small cube size. After that take a big bowl, mixed all of the ingredients in a bowl together with the 1 KG of chicken wings as the photo above. You can either use hand to mix the chicken wings nor you can take a spatula to do the mix.

You can now leave the chicken wings to marinate for half an hour to one hour. While waiting, you can prepare the wok to fry the chicken or you can use deep fryer

Choosing appropriate frying oil is important because it will effect the way how you fry it. I choose a frying oil that has a higher smoke than the usual cooking oil. Use enough oil to be able to submerge the chicken wings completely. Pour the 300 ml of frying oil into the wok and preheat it. After it is the oil is hot then you can start frying the chicken wings. Use low heat fry it until the chicken wings turn golden brown. Here you go, a simple and yet delicious homemade fried chicken wings. Suit for any occasion for any time and anywhere!

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