Haworthia Truncata

Hello guys, introducing my another Haworthia collection also known as the **Horse Teeth**. It is a rare type of succulent, and I love it. The kind of this plant is a slow-growing plant, take a long time to grow. Haworthia belongs to the Haworthia Truncata family I’m sure you all going to like it especially a cactus or succulent collector just like me.

About Haworthia

It is a species of succulent plant in the genus of Haworthia, it’s also a tiny plant approximately 2 cm high by 10 cm wide. Suitable for an indoor plant, decorative or a work desk plant. You can quickly identify Haworthia Truncata by its leaves which have a rectangular (just like a box) crosssection and organised in two opposing rows.

The leaves usually are in grey or grey-green colour, it’s cover with white or grey lines. The edge of a leaf – the upper surface – gives the impression of having been cut (or truncated), hence the precise epithet truncata. If you saw this plant in the wild, usually it is half buried leaving only the tips of the leaves noticeable above the soil. Do you know that truncated tip has a leaf window? It’s allowing light to enter for photosynthesis. Haworthia Truncata species is similar to Lithops, Fenestraria, and Haworthia cymbiformis.

Talking about Lithops, It is a very short lifespan plant, and the appearance is not beautiful or attractive but somewhat normal and weird. It is the shape of the stone and many wrinkled.

Haworthia Truncata is relatively easy to propagate in large numbers, it can be grown from seed, off-sets, root cuttings and even from leaf-cuttings. It also readily hybridises with other Haworthia species if you know how to do it.

To take care of Haworthia Truncata you need
1. A very well-drained soil
2. A location where there is some exposure of the sun but recommended not too much although it is one of the species plants which can be adapted to a full sun environment
3. Water every day
4. Does not tolerate freezing weather

I hope you guys like the plant I introduce and am going to share some more soon.

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