Haworthia Succulent Plant

Today I’m going to show you all one of my favourite succulent collection. It’s called Haworthia Succulent Plant. This plant origin is from Southern Africa. They are relatively easy to take care & low maintenance. These plant is preferring some shade and growing mostly in winter and spring. At my place, we do not have four seasons. It’s everlasting summer over here, so I’m placing it in the shady area where the plant still can absorb sunlight. I noticed this plant like to get wet too, but of course not too much, it must have good water drainage. Haworthia doesn’t like its foot to get wet, and it is similar to all the other succulent plants.

The attraction of this plant is focused on its leaves shape and colours, but what makes me even like this plant is because of its Translucent Panel. Now try to Imagine if we can look through our body and then our skin made of transparent plastic. Creepy isn’t it? But then that was special about this Haworthia plant where you can see-through leaves. It is spectaculars! That is why I am so attracted to Haworthia. It is unique compared to those common plants we see every day.

Do you know what happens if the plant stressed? Their colours change to reds and purples. Amazing isn’t it?

Some of the rarest Haworthia that I have, I put it indoor. It’s too expansive to be let alone outside. Hehehe. Some say Haworthia is the Jewel of the succulent world. Now I know why it is pricey over here. Wish I can get more collection of this succulent family.

I will post more of my plant collection in my future post, stay tuned Steemians 🙂

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