Do you play game? I am a gamer and I love playing pc game whenever I am free, and it is one of my favourite hobbies apart from gardening and drawing. Not that I’m introverted is just that I like to spend time with myself. Some say that I’m kind of self-centred, well this is me and I only can be me after all playing game makes me happy. I remembered back to the old day when I was young, and nobody cares about me and being lonely, the only thing that keeps me going on was playing a pc game. It makes me happy, cheer me up and remember that there will be a better tomorrow.

Okay, some people said that playing game represents that you have no life. Well, I would say, as a gamer, we choose to have many lives. We get to be the hero in every single game that we play with tons of character in a virtual world. Isn’t cool it? That’s the way thing are as a gamer. And now as technology evolved, I am evolving too. From pc game, change to mobile game. Playing pc game, I like RPG genre, adventure, sci-fi and a bit horror. But sci-fi is my favourite of all. So I love the Resident Evil series. Chris Redfield was my favourite. He is strong and masculine. Leon Kennedy was just ok I guess. He looks like a K-pop for me, Kind of a pretty boy. And those game series was a significant success. They have the movies series and animations too, which is very excited. Mass effect series, cool… Commander Shepard. An RPG game. I love the story and how we get to choose and create the storyline according to our preference. Even. The making love scene. Hehe… So other than those two, I like dead space series, dragon age, Bioshock and etc.. Great storyline was one of my attraction for those game.

So as time goes by, I’m into the mobile game. Since I don’t have much time to spend in front of my pc, I turn to the mobile game. Thanks to humankind for making our world a better place.

Now I’m into MOBA game. (Multiplayer online battle arena) If you know DOTA then it is similar to it. A map with three lanes and two teams fighting to destroy the enemy base. I like it so much. It is easy to control, simple, can play with your friend and it’s fun. This MOBA called Mobile Legends. Been playing for almost two years. Very addictive. There are 6 group of heroes to choose from. Tank, fighter, assassin, mage, marksman and support. I like the mage and tank. So here is some photo of it.

P/S: if you happen to play this game, feel free to add me. We can play together. 😆

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