Forever Young Juice Recipe by Evayer

I’m making a Tropicana Juice today, I personally named it the Forever Young Juice. This juice is so refreshing and comes with a lot of benefit for health too. It is made from a simple succulent plant Aloe Vera. I’m sure everyone knows Aloe Vera. Recent year, aloe vera was very famous, almost every cosmetic brand has a product that has Aloe Vera in its ingredients. I love to make my own juice because it is organic.

The Forever Young Juice has a sticky, jelly, mucus and thickness taste. It feels like swallowing a gelatine when you drink it. The number 1 benefit of drinking this juice is Anti-Aging. You can say goodbye to those fine line, wrinkle, the annoying eye bags of yours and reduces pimples but the results are not instant because it does take time and discipline. Why discipline? Because it takes time to make the juice freshly and drink it without putting it at the refrigerator. If you would like to have a drastic result, you can apply the Aloe Vera’s gel on your face as a mask. When I say Aloe Vera, I mean the organic non-process Aloe Vera.

You can have a look on my previous blog that I wrote about the Aloe Vera Beneficial

Ok, let’s get into the secret of the forever young juice!


Simple Ingredients
– A leaf of Aloe Vera (It would be best if you plant it yourself)
– 2 teaspoon of honey (I bought my honey from the local farm)
– 200 ml of drinking water

Kitchenware to use
– Sharp Knife
– Cutting Board
– Big Stainless Steel Spoon
– Blender
– Bowl
– Glass

First, you need to use a sharp knife to cut the skin of the Aloe Vera, after that, you hold the tip of the Aloe Vera leaf with one hand and scoop the flesh using a big stainless steel spoon. Take out the blender, pour the 200 ml drinking water in and put the just scooped aloe vera in too, you can start blending it. Add the 2 tsp of honey into the glass. The Forever Young juice is ready to make you younger.

P/S you can add a few ice cubes too if you want it to be chill. Hope you guys enjoy it. The secret of staying young and healthy also involve going to exercise too.

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