Astrophytum Asterias

I have this cactus plant with me for over five years now, and I am so glad that it is still in the right shape, alive and healthy. It is my favourite cactus and indeed it one of my old time favourites. I like it because it is easy to cultivate and easy to take care.

Astrophytum Asterias is a species of cactus that belongs to the genus Astrophytum. The common name is sand dollar cactus, sea urchin cactus, star cactus, star peyote, super Kabuto, etc. Astrophytum Asterias disc-shaped body is divided into 7 – 10 sections, known as ribs; in the middle of each rib, there are woolly areoles. The outer parts are very woolly. When you touch it, it feels like cotton. Asterias is small, round, spineless and squat, reaching a height of 2.5–6 cm and a diameter of 5–15 cm. Perfect as dining table decoration or living room as it is a houseplant.

Usually, the flowers of Astrophytum Asterias are yellow with red colour as its bases. The body is a greenish-brown colour. There are also lots of different type of Asterias. I like the snow type, which has more wolly but too bad it’s not available in where I live.

I have included some of my Asterias collection. The potted bird shape one is gorgeous and charming! Great for my indoor decoration. I would love to collect more in the future. Love it.

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