Today I’m going to talk about horoscope. So here is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries, represent the ram, which falls on the 21 March till the April 19. This zodiac sign ruled by the planet of Mars. Mars represents fire, the god of war and Aries is a cardinal sign. As the first sign in the Zodiac, Aries serves spring. The beginning of everything. Without Aries, there won’t be any other sign. So let’s dive into the Aries personalities. Some say Aries is a leader but it is also a toddler, a soldier but it is also a child. Aries are known to be generous, independent, adventurous, impatient, short-tempered, optimistic, sensitive, honest, enthusiastic, hard headed and get bored quickly.

Aries is a sincere people. They’re very straightforward, without even thinking that why they might hurt your feeling. They are loud, but they have a heart of gold. Once they open up to be your friend, they will be there by your side no matter what. They are a good friend to have. They are real people not fake. But they won’t open up quickly because they value one thing more than anything, that is trust. Once an Aries trust you, they will be your ally till the very end of the day. They keep friends who are genuine and distance themselves from liars and fake peoples, that’s why they don’t have a big circle of friends. They hate drama, manipulative and sneaky people.

Aries is also very sensitive. They might look tough on the outside, but seriously they are very fragile and emotional. Sometimes can get moody and angry very easily. It doesn’t take much to make an Aries angry. They have a short-tempered. Hot Fuss. Easy get, but then they are the most forgiving sign among all. They won’t hold a grudge. They like to forgive and forget. But sometimes they just entirely move on if it is not worth their time. They are very impulsive and a go-getter type of person. They won’t tolerate for any bullshit.

They are easy going people, which is fun to be around with. They always up for good times. If you want to go to a party, make sure to bring them. They are the light of the party. They can turn a dull moment into a happy and unforgettable memory to have. They just love to have fun and know how to light up everything. Which make them the most exciting among all zodiac sign.

So I’m going to continue my zodiac talk soon, so what I like about knowing others people zodiac sign is that it gives a hint about the people that we are dealing with. Pretty interesting..

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